29 Jun

Poolside Tote class at Hidden Yardage

We had a great time at Friday’s Poolside Tote class at Hidden Yardage!
Mai's poolside tote

Again, I forgot to take pictures during class! But everyone sewed industriously, taking full advantage of the two ironing boards and Hidden Yardage’s enormous cutting table.
Sarah's poolside tote

Unfortunately, classtime was too short at just three hours… if we do this again, we should probably schedule at least five.

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It was great meeting a few new faces — some non-guild sewers attended the class, too!
Alissa's poolside tote

I hope we get to do this again — it was so much fun!
Alli's poolside tote

22 Jun

Eucalypt tank class at Hidden Yardage

This past Saturday’s Eucalypt tank class at Hidden Yardage was so fun! OMQG treasurer Megan taught us how to make Megan Nielsen’s Eucalypt tank top.
Eucalypt tank class at Hidden Yardage

I forgot to take enough pictures, but we learned so many things. We learned about srs truing up of fabric — I’d previously only done the match-selvedges-and-eyeball-the-grain method. 😀 Laurie (one of Hidden Yardage’s owners) showed us how to snip into the selvedge so we could rip to find the crosswise grain. Then she folded it so that the newly ripped edge was on the top, and she held up the fabric to see if the selvedges were matching up while hanging. If they weren’t, she tugged on the bias to get them matching up!
cutting and measuring

On the sewing side of things, Megan showed us how to serge the first step of our French seams to save time. She also showed us how to serge the first step of our rolled hems to save time again. That saved me two steps out of five on my previous rolled hems, and that’s a lot considering I often do this on circle skirts!
sewing in the Eucalypt class

We had such a blast in this class; thanks to Megan for teaching us and Hidden Yardage for hosting!
a finished Eucalypt top!